A message from our President
and Executive Director


2015/2016 has been a year of immense change for Corbrook. It has been a transition that required our staff, volunteers and leadership team to collaborate to ensure we could continue to serve our community with valuable and meaningful services and options.

A transitional period, such as the one we have experienced this year, naturally invokes change. Yet with these changes comes the opportunity to learn and grow. In light of all the challenges we faced, we are proud to say that we have come through these changes stronger than ever.

Our biggest test was a surprise announcement that the Provincial Government would no longer be funding new admissions to Sheltered Workshops as of October 2016. This announcement placed a significant risk to the future of our organization. However, this did not deter us. Our Board, staff and volunteers collaborated to discuss other inclusive options to enhance and grow previously offered services. The goal was to ensure that the new programs would bring continuous value and meaning to the people we support.

We worked closely with the Ministry of Community and Social Services following the announcement to inform our clients, and their families, of any changes. By hosting Town Hall meetings attended by all stakeholders, including Ministry partners, we were able to manage any concerns by discussing new programs that would be offered. The process has been highly collaborative to guarantee that all changes are both person-directed and person-centered.

Corbrook has been working diligently to implement new strategies that mitigate the risks associated with transitioning to a new business model. We are enhancing current revenues and also looking for new funding opportunities to ensure sustainability and self-reliance.

Corbrook’s brand new trail mixes (On-D-Go) and spice blends (Nene’s Choice) continue to be a huge success. In addition, we have also made purchasing these products simpler by selling them on our new shopify website.

Furthermore, the Fee-for-Service programs offered continue to thrive while providing meaningful services to those using Passport funding. This year was also a record year for employment placements as fifty-four clients found placements and twenty-three clients achieved paid employment through our Employment Services Division.

Also, this year, Corbrook’s fundraising activities raised $32,000 in revenue.

Corbrook was nominated to be part of the 2015/2016 OASIS (Ontario Agencies Supporting Individuals with Special Needs) Conference Planning Committee held in Toronto. This was a great honour and allowed us to network with other community agencies in our sector while enhancing our profile.

Corbrook also continues to participate as a member of the My Community Hub Steering Committee. This initiative, also known as the Fee-for-Service hub, allows easy access to registering and paying online for any services or programs offered through the agencies involved. There are currently seven member agencies involved, with the goal to include all thirty-seven agencies within the Toronto area over the next two years. We are very excited about this opportunity as it is a one-stop-shop for services and programs offered through the Developmental Sector.

The Leaders for Success program, a professional opportunity for mid-level managers to build capacities towards advancing into senior roles in their respective Organizations, was highly successful in its first year. As a member of the Advisory Committee of this Program, Corbrook actively participated by helping to design the curriculum while also promoting this course at various venues including the Human Resources Strategy Group.

As the transition out of Sheltered Workshops continues, Corbrook is shifting focus towards providing programs centred on pre-employment training such as STEER (Success Through Education, Employment & Retention) as well as Striving for Success (a program focused on securing and maintaining employment). We will also continue to provide employment supports that will include placements and job coaching supports for those on ODSP Employment Support funding.

The activities offered in our Revel program will be enhanced and broadened to include Information Technology classes, physical fitness/recreation, sensory programs as well as other diverse life skills programming.

Despite all the challenges Corbrook has faced this year, we are proud to report that Corbrook supported over 700 people fulfill their goals and aspirations this year. Some highlights of our successes are:

  • Number of individuals participated in programs has increased 24% from last year
  • We offered twelve different programs and services to individuals
  • A total of fifty-four placements provided with employer partners as part of Food Processing and Packaging, STEER and Let’s Make it Work programs
  • We also facilitated twenty-three participants to achieve paid work in 2015-2016

For the first time, Corbrook offered pre-employment training services directly in the community. We utilized community libraries in the York Region area to allow for a larger access to our services in the community.


We would like to thank our highly committed Board of Directors for their leadership and guidance. We would also like to recognize our staff and volunteers for their unwavering support in achieving Corbrook’s mission and vision. Without our dedicated Board, staff and volunteers, we simply could not operate at the level that we do.

We would also like to thank all our community donors and sponsors that gave so generously. Your support allows us to continue to offer the valuable services required in our community.

We look forward to a successful 2016/2017


Corbrook’s Board of Directors provides high level governance and works with the Executive Director to establish the organization’s strategic direction.

Members are selected based on experience, professional background and expertise, with the goal of creating a cohesive group whose skill sets and knowledge complement one another.

Board members may serve for three consecutive three-year terms.
Our current Board is comprised of dedicated, highly engaged and caring volunteer members from the Greater Toronto Area and include:



Judy Cooper brings a wealth of experience in policy development and barrier-free access to her role. She joined Corbrook’s Board shortly after she retired in 2002 and, given her municipal background in policy development and legislative reading, Judy is a great asset to the organization.



Shelley Kierstead teaches Family Law and Children & the Law at Osgoode Hall Law School. She is also the Director of Osgoode’s first year Legal Process course, and was the coordinator between 1997 and 2011 of a public education program for separating or divorcing parents titled the “Parent Information Program.” She completed her doctoral studies in 2005, and her current research interests lie in the area of Family Law and Therapeutic Jurisprudence as well as the development of legal professionalism.



Chris Lindsay is currently an operating partner for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in Eastern Canada. A member of the Corbrook Board since 1992, Chris has held a variety of positions and is currently the Chair of the Business Resources Committee.



Ken Williamson joined the Corbrook Board in 2001 and has served as Board Director, Vice President, and President. He is currently Past President and Chair of the Human Resources Committee. Ken has extensive business leadership and human resources experience and is an MBA graduate of the University of Toronto.


Peter Lindsay is a retired Professor in the Depart- ment of Applied Psychology and Human Development at the University of Toronto. The current Chair of the Governance Committee, Peter began serving on Corbrook’s Board of Directors over ten years ago.


Granville McKenzie has been a Corbrook Board member since 2004. Committed to the organization’s long-term stability, he currently serves on the Finance and Human Resources Committees. An integrated member of the community, Granville is the pastor of a local church, and holds a Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.) degree.


Heather Grand is the Managing Director of Fraser Grand Solutions. She became of a member of Corbrook’s Board in 2009, and is currently the Fundraising Chair. Heather serves on the Board of the Luso Canadian Charitable Society and is Chair of the Carassauga Festival of Cultures.


Raymond Park is the newest addition to Corbrook’s Board. Raymond currently works as a communications professional with passion for innovation and strategy at Crosslinx Transit Solutions. Raymond also serves on the Board for both the Working Skills Centre as well as the Young Professionals Committee at Toronto Region Board of Trade.


Sandra Fontaine

Sandra Fontaine is an innovative, respected and valued leader offering over 20 years of wisdom and success in developing and directing large-scale, high-profile, renowned programs and initiatives in both the private and public sectors.


The Board meets every six weeks except during the period of July to September. If you would like more information or are interested in applying to be a Board member, please speak directly with Corbrook’s Executive Director at 416-245-5565.


Every September, Corbrook holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is open to the public. Each year, the formal AGM is followed by an award ceremony to honour some of the special people who receive supports from us, and to recognize our Business Partner of the Year and Employer of the Year. View our upcoming Events for further details about this year’s AGM.